Ross Video Team Jul 16, 2020


World TeamTennis Partners with Ross Production Services for 66-Match Tournament

World TeamTennis, a nine-team professional tennis league, is hosting a tournament at The Greenbrier in West Virginia, and Ross Production Services is helping to facilitate the production. The tournament will consist of a three-week, 66-match season with nine teams over 19 days. The event began on July 12 and will culminate with a final match on August 2nd.


Ross Production Services will be using their RMP6 truck to house the production team. To ensure maximum safety, all production staff are required to wear masks at all times and the truck will be cleaned rigorously between crew shifts.

The event will take place in a “bubble” with a limited number of fans in attendance, and rigid health and safety guidelines will be in in place to protect the crew. Event staff will rotate production crews in and out of the venue, with two crews working per day – an early shift and a late shift. Social distancing guidelines will be strongly enforced, and masks will be mandatory.

Robotics operators at World TeamTennis tournamentWorld TeamTennis will deploy minimal crew onsite and will ensure that there will be no camera operators at court level. Instead, these cameras will be replaced with robots, and the operators will be working from a building which is far from the main compound.

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