Ross Video Team May 13, 2021


Ultrix Carbonite Tech Talk Recap

Coming off the heels of the Ultrix Acuity introduction earlier this year, the Ross Production Switcher team hosted a Tech Talk event on May 11th to reveal the details behind the latest evolution of its Software Defined Production Engine (SDPE) – Ultrix Carbonite.

As a mid-sized hyperconverged production platform, Ultrix Carbonite combines the routing and AV processing capabilities of Ultrix with the sophisticated creative capabilities of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher.

Leading the Tech Talk was Nigel Spratling (VP of Production Switchers and Video Servers) and he was joined by Ross Video’s CEO, David Ross, and Les O’Reilly (Product Manager, Production Switchers). In case you missed it, you can watch the full event on-demand or catch up with the highlights below.

HubSpot Video

The Next Step in Hyperconverged Production

The event opened with a conversation between Spratling and Ross, who explained that the inspiration behind the launch of Ultrix Carbonite centered around a desire to become more efficient with their product offerings.

“It’s amazing how we can take our (Carbonite) production switcher and make it even more efficient in the way we’ve implemented it. Not only did you put a (single) production switcher into the Ultrix chassis, but on the FR5 you can put up to four Carbonite switchers into the Ultrix chassis,” says Ross.

A key benefit of the Ultrix Carbonite production platform is the elimination of additional racks of equipment as well as a reduction in cabling, power, and cooling requirements.

“Never underestimate how much people in our industry hate cabling things up. We have now managed to connect a production switcher to a router with no cabling,” explains Ross.

A Complete Processing Platform

The discussion transitioned to a deep dive into the technology and innovation behind Ultrix Carbonite, and O’Reilly explained that by merging Ultrix with Carbonite, the switcher development team was able to leverage the full power of the award-winning routing and signal management system. “With Ultrix Carbonite, we can take advantage of a whole host of processing features and functionality, including audio embedders and disembedders, audio mixers, HD and UHD Frame Syncs, MultiViewers, video compositing through the SDPE blade and additional signal processing capacity,” says O’Reilly.

With the Ultrix Carbonite system, each Software-Defined Production Engine (SDPE) can be installed in either an Ultrix FR2 or FR5 frame. O’Reilly also explained that the platform is fully compatible with the TouchDrive family of control surfaces.

To learn more, visit the Ultrix Carbonite product page.


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