Ross Video Team Dec 2, 2020


Today’s Newsroom – Workflow Efficiency, Competitive Edge

News producers compete to be first to air with breaking stories in order to keep audiences engaged and keep eyeballs away from the competition. Today’s newsroom is built on efficiency, and the goal is to share the drama and excitement of breaking news with audiences as swiftly as possible.

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Ross recently hosted a Ross Live Season 2 Solution Talk webinar to discuss the evolution and possible future of news workflows. The session was hosted by Chris Kelly, Product Manager – Asset Management and Storage at Ross. He was also joined by Nikki Renoit, Senior Product Specialist – Inception; Jack Horry, Product Specialist – Automation & Control; and Simon Redmile, Senior XPression & Product Specialist - RVS EMEA.

The session gave an overview of the Ross portfolio of News products and provided examples of how these products fit together into solutions that provide our users with significant impacts while also saving them time. The Ross team was also joined by Philipp Stoegner, Service Owner at Red Bull Media House GmbH to discuss Red Bull’s usage of Ross products and services as part of their German-language TV channel.

In case you missed it, you can watch the entire session on-demand here.

Ross News Solutions

Ross delivers news production solutions for the 24/7 digital era. Viewers expect engaging and unique content delivered faster across a myriad of screens and channels including social media networks. Ross News Solutions allow users to improve their newscast quality and reduce their newsroom footprint using virtual sets, augmented reality, automated production control, streamlined content creation and distribution, and more.

One of the focal points of the Solution Talk was QuickTurn, a feature within OverDrive designed to enable you to repurpose content for multiple platforms. Where does the “quick” part come in? OverDrive and Streamline work together to fulfill a media placeholder to be reused without editing or manual intervention. You can use QuickTurn to turnaround a pre-produced segment for use in your current production. Pre-record your headline sequence, an interview with a celebrity or political figure on a tight schedule.

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To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Today’s Newsroom – Workflow Efficiency, Competitive Edge” Solution Talk on-demand, click here.

For more information about Ross Video’s news solutions, click here.


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