David Ross Feb 27, 2020 10:10:51 AM


The Rest is History...

To start Ross Video back in 1974 my father had to Give Up Something He Loved. There’s almost an Ancient Greek story in here somewhere.

My father was a senior executive CDL in the early 70s and disagreed on the company direction. (He was right too, as their decisions ultimately led to bankruptcy.)

The only thing that gave my father peace was flying. He had a WWII L2 Taylorcraft built to train pilots. Top speed about 60MPH, not even a radio on the dash, and you had to start it by repeatedly spinning the wooden propeller with your hands. Still, it was his and he loved it.
Ironically, my father had accidentally fallen through a trap door left open in a floor at the local small airport outside of Montreal and had badly torn his knee as a result. He spent a long time in the hospital recovering. One friend that came visiting to his hospital bed was Jim Leitch, founder of Leitch Video, now Imagine Communications.

Jim said, “John, you need to start your own company. There’s a Leitch Video, an Image Video, there should be a Ross Video”. (Yes, Jim Leitch named our company).

My father said, “But I have no money”. Jim said, “you must have something, what about that airplane? Sell it! Someday you’ll have two!!”

The rest is history. My father owns two airplanes to this day.



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