Ross Video Team Jul 28, 2022


Tech Talk Recap: XPression v11.0

Ross Video’s Graphics Team recently held an online Tech Talk session on Tuesday, July 26th, focused on the newest update to Ross Video’s XPression real-time motion graphics system, version 11.0. The session was hosted by Ross Video’s Director of Graphics Product Management, Patrick Twomey, who outlined the key features added to the system in this latest update.

If you missed it, you can click here to watch the full session on-demand.

Session Highlights

Twomey kicked off the session with an update to the XPression GO! portable system. In XPression v11.0, Ross is excited to announce XPression GO2!, which enables users to create and output up to two channels of 1080p content. Users who were previously using a single channel of XPression in the GO! workflow can now upgrade to the XPression GO2! platform to get access to two channels of graphics in a portable configuration.

Next, Twomey went over some text enhancements, which include the ability to add superscript, subscript, and underlining to text within XPression. He also introduced improved functionality for the XPression NLE plug-in, which now allows users with multiple XPression Gateways to select which one they’re connected to. With this new feature, users can now collaborate with users from multiple stations more easily.

Twomey rounded out the session with one of the major updates included in XPression v11.0: the ability for users to create and play UHD content on all XPression software. Customers used to have to purchase the Flex edition of XPression software to create UHD content, but XPression v11.0 enables UHD outputs on capable hardware, even with a Single Channel Edition license.

All editions of XPression Studio, BlueBox, Prime, and even Clips, now allow users to generate UHD content. This upgrade is for new purchases of XPression software and hardware – customers who have already purchased Flex editions of XPression to get UHD outputs can reach out to their Ross Video sales professional to discuss license options in their next software renewals.

Other updates that Twomey touched on throughout the session included:

  • The ability to decode EPOCH Time into traditional timestamps

  • A “Published Value” Visual Logic property for text objects

  • A transfer status window added to XPression Project Server Manager

  • A new feature allowing users to duplicate XPression Take Items

  • The ability to move and re-order Clips content in the XPression Remote Sequencer

  • New functionality for Remote Sequencer which allows users to export the running order as a CSV file

At the end of the session, Twomey also announced that Ross Video XPression U video tutorial content is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Ross University is our online library of tutorial videos, and the XPression U section of the site has over 300 unique videos broken out into different categories to make things easier to find. With these videos now available on the go, users can now download them and keep them readily available on their mobile devices. Subscribe today and get notified whenever new tutorials are available.

Learn More

For more information on XPression, click here to visit our product page.

If you missed the Tech Talk, you can click here to watch the full event on-demand.


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