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Sports Broadcast – “Getting Closer to the Action” Solution Talk Recap

Yesterday’s Ross Live Season 2 Solution Talk was all about Sports Broadcast. The fast-paced episode hosted by Shawn Hutcheson, Ross Video’s Sports Solutions Prime, explored how the Ross ecosystem of solutions are helping sports broadcasters streamline their workflows while delivering engaging content for fans at home. With a special focus on the world of mobile production, Hutcheson was joined by Jim Townsend, Executive Producer for World TeamTennis, to discuss how Ross supported a multi-channel broadcast for a 3-week, 66-match tournament earlier this year.

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Ross and Mobile Productions

While Ross has experienced tremendous success in the sports venue space as evidenced by our partnerships with some of the biggest teams and clubs around the world, we have also become a major supplier and innovator in the world of mobile production for the sports broadcast market. Some of our biggest successes to date reside with our work with Sky Sports, NBC’s Sunday Night Football, CBS, Fox and UFC, to name a few.

Expansive Product Portfolio

The strength of our solution for the sports broadcast market lies in our ability to deliver end-to-end live production solutions for our customers while eliminating traditional pain points such as connectivity or synchronization between products. Our portfolio includes graphics platforms, replay systems, robotic cameras, routers, switchers, signal processing gear and facility control systems. When combining all these products with our industry-leading customer support, the Ross solution can streamline your sports broadcast workflow while creating a memorable experience for fans.

World TeamTennis Case Study

A recent example of our sports solution in action happened this past summer when we partnered with World TeamTennis to deliver the broadcast for a condensed 3-week season. “We were one of the first sports organizations to execute a season within a bubble. We covered 66 matches over 22 days at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia and broadcast over 5 different networks” explains Jim Townsend. With social distancing protocols in place and an extremely tight schedule, Townsend continues by explaining that they leaned on the full power and flexibility of the Ross solution. “We used Ross graphics platforms, replay systems, switchers and most importantly robotic cameras on multiple courts that were operated by the same people, which was absolutely incredible. The Ross solution, and most importantly the team, stood up to any challenge faced and everything just worked like it should” says Townsend.

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To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Getting Closer to the Action” Solution Talk on-demand, click here.

To help you better understand how the Ross solution was applied to the World TeamTennis event, take a look at this custom workflow.


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