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Sports and Live Events – Creating an Experience to Remember

This week's Ross Live Tech Talk presentation explored how our Sports & Live Events solutions allow our customers to enhance their game-day productions by efficiently activating and managing a variety of LED and traditional displays within their venues through the Ross Unified Venue Control System.



While the Sports and Live Events world has been significantly impacted by the global pandemic, we’re all looking forward to the day when communities can come back together through the power of live sporting events. When that day comes, we hope that our technology will play an even bigger part in bringing people together, but in the meantime the Ross Sports & Live Events team continues to support our customers and business partners through this challenging time.

Achieve Total Venue Control

Our Unified Venue Control system has taken game-day productions to the next level by integrating the production control room with LED display control and allowing users to trigger limitless third party devices to achieve Total Venue Control.  

By integrating virtually every device within a sports venue through our Unified Venue Control System, entire game-day productions are now handled by professional level broadcast equipment. From LED video boards, to field signage and 360-degree fascia boards, to concourse displays and lighting systems, our Unified Venue Control System synchronizes these elements to ensure a seamless and more immersive game-day experience for fans. Best of all, our system is easy to set-up and can be managed through the award-winning DashBoard user interface.

Diagram showing Ross DashBoard control hierarchy

What’s New?

Our XPression and XPression Tessera engines have significantly elevated game-day productions by allowing our customers to efficiently blend pre-rendered video, real-time rendered graphics, and live data on pixel-accurate canvases. We are once again taking the in-venue experience to the next level through our XPression real-time augmented reality (AR) and our PIERO Sports Analysis solutions. When combined, these powerful tools provide fans in stadiums with broadcast-level productions by displaying scoring drive summaries and in-game player statistics, as well as by overlaying tactical graphics on video content to create visually engaging and informative effects.

Specific to American Football applications, we’re pleased to introduce PIERO Live Down and Distance (1st & 10), which gives fans attending games something that they’ve come to expect on television broadcasts – AR Down & Distance lines. In addition, the PIERO Live Down and Distance solution can be tied to existing display board data feeds to deliver a wide range of statistical displays, including play clocks, 3rd down and red zone fill markers, field goal target lines and more.

To learn more about our Unified Venue Control Solution and to see real-world applications of our solution in action, watch the Sports and Live Events Tech Talk presentation on-demand.

For the North American and EMEA presentation, click here.
For the APAC and Oceania presentation, click here.


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