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Ross Live Season 2 Kicks Off with Keynote Address

Ross Live Season 2 kicked off in style with a Keynote Address from our CEO David Ross and EVP & CMO Jeff Moore. In addition to looking back at the highlights from Ross Live Season 1, including the introduction of the Graphite PPC (Portable Production Center), which has already won 4 industry awards, David and Jeff revealed a host of brand-new products.

In case you missed it, watch the full Keynote Address On-Demand or catch-up with the product announcements with our summary below:


Lucid replaces the UX control system for Augmented Reality and Virtual Studio applications and can be paired with either Ross Voyager or Ross XPression render engines to work with almost any tracking system. To learn more, register for the Tech Talk presentation “It’s All Becoming Clear” on October 29th.

26162_Ross_Lucid Launch Stomp Video_v06

Piero v16

The latest version of the Piero sports analysis graphics system is updated to include support for 4K UHD and HDR, and now includes a Down and Distance feature for American football. Register for the Tech Talk presentation “Pole Position” on November 19th to learn more.

26163_Ross_Video Integration - Piero V16 - Stomp Video_v01

Ultrix v4.4

The Ultrix routing and AV processing platform continues to get better with the introduction of Ultrimix-MXR, a full virtual audio mixer license option.  As an enhancement to to existing Ultrimix audio smart fabric, Ultrimix-MXR marks the world’s first software-enabled audio mixer in a router platform.

26161_RossVideo_ Ultrix v4.4 with Audio Integration (Ultrimix – MXR) Stomp Video_v06

OverDrive v20

The world’s most popular production automation solution features a big update to QuickTurn, a tool designed to automate the production of segments for your website and social media. QuickTurn connects to the rundown in OverDrive and records your production live into a server that automatically encodes and prepares clips of your content for publication to the web.

One More Thing!

Introducing TouchDrive - the next-generation production switcher panel series for Carbonite. Coming this November, TouchDrive redefines the relationship between a Technical Director and their switcher by bringing the same touch technology you know and love from your smart phone to video production switchers – even gestures. Register for the Tech Talk presentation "Switch to the Future" on November 5th for complete product details and the full reveal!

TouchDrive_RossLive Season 2_5994

About Ross Live Season 2

Ross Live Season 2 (RLS2) runs for the next 8 weeks and consists of weekly presentations from subject matter experts across a variety of live production applications, including Remote Production, Education, Legislative Assembly, House of Worship, Sports Broadcast, Newsroom Workflow, Corporate and Esports.

Each weekly session will be produced using Ross equipment, and will feature the recently launched RPS (Ross Production Services) cloud-based remote production platform that enables remote and home-based talent and guests to participate in a production using any computer and internet browser.

For the full schedule of events and to register for one of our Solution or Tech Talks, visit


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