Ross Video Team Oct 30, 2020 12:06:03 PM


Ross Launches LUCID – Virtual Solutions Control Made Clearer

Ross proudly announces the launch of LUCID – a significant new solution that changes the way virtual solutions are configured and controlled.

What's New

The LUCID platform replaces the previous UX solution from Ross as the primary configuration and control interface for all Ross virtual studio and augmented reality applications. Users will immediately be struck by the brand-new user interface, as LUCID is the first Ross product to feature the new ‘Aura’ visual language that will be a key aspect of many future solutions from Ross.

Highly dynamic and offering impressive new levels of flexibility, this new interface enables operators to design their own customized layouts, as well as save and recall layouts based on personal preference or production stage.

The Ross Virtual Solutions team has a substantial roadmap planned for virtual solutions, and the new LUCID platform provides a solid bedrock for future development. A major focus of future projects will be an emphasis on ease of use, speed of operation and flexibility. LUCID is a shining example of this, as the new ‘Aura’ look and feel was designed to be highly dynamic and intuitive for users.

The team has already beta tested LUCID with a number of different customers, and responses have been overwhelmingly positive. All indications show that benefits offered by LUCID have the potential to make users’ lives much easier and help them open up endless creative possibilities.

“This is a big step forward for Ross – we’re taking direct market feedback and ensuring that the increased sophistication of our virtual solutions doesn’t translate into increased complexity for operators,” notes Gideon Ferber, Director of Ross Virtual Solutions.

Learn More

To view the Ross Live | 2020 “It’s All Becoming Clear” Tech Talk, click here.

For complete details about Lucid, click here.


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