Ross Video Team Apr 9, 2021


Ross Hosts 6-Part Video Series Focused on Cloud Production

Ross is very happy to be presenting an exciting video series focused on the world of cloud production. This 6-part series features Ross’s very own Shawn Snider, Vice President, Production Workflow & Cloud Services, as he provides invaluable commentary on the world of cloud production, its implementation, and its implications.

Shawn tackles the questions that matter, ranging from the benefits of cloud solutions to avoiding possible pitfalls, from COVID influencing attitudes towards SaaS to Cloud Production migration.

Should your next production be in the cloud?

Cloud-driven workflow solutions power seamless collaboration from anywhere in the world. In this world of cloud production, the future is now.

Content creators are increasingly choosing cloud-based production solutions because of the many benefits they provide.

  • Collaborate from anywhere

  • Scalable and secure

  • Flexible subscription models.

To learn if a cloud-based solution might be right for you, click here to register for our video series today. We will be addressing all the key questions and issues related to cloud production.

We really do hope you join us for this wonderfully unique series of informative and invaluable cloud production commentary.


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