Ross Video Team Sep 18, 2020


Ross Featured in New INNOVATE™ Ottawa Book

Ross was recently profiled in the newly published INNOVATE™ Ottawa book, a publication that showcases the best of Ottawa’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. The coffee-table book is part of the INNOVATE® publishing series, which aims to profile cities and innovators from around the world.

INNOVATE™ Ottawa’s 200+ pages feature stories by the people, companies, and thought leaders who are shaping the Ottawa of today and leading the city into the future. The book also includes thought leadership pieces some of Ottawa’s most recognizable advocates, as well as augmented reality video canvases that can be displayed when pages are scanned with the Global Village Publishing app.

Although Ross has offices around the world, Ottawa is home to our R&D facility, our marketing team, and our North American product training and demonstration center. Ross is proud to represent Canada’s capital city, and we are honoured to be featured as one of Ottawa’s top innovative businesses.

To read the Ross profile published in INNOVATE™ Ottawa, click here. The profile can also be found on the INNOVATE® website here.


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