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Ross Esports Solutions - Creating Memorable Experiences

Today’s Ross Live Tech Talk featured Cameron Reed, Ross Video’s Esports Business Development Manager, who spoke about the rapid evolution of the esports industry over the past decade. Specifically, Cameron detailed how the Ross Unified Solution has elevated esports productions to professional broadcast standards while condensing traditional workflows with RossTalk and DashBoard. These tools have allowed less experienced operators within the esports realm to effectively tell their stories through easy to use command and control products from Ross.


Success Story – 2019 Clash Royale World Finals

One of the most recent examples of a sophisticated esports production brought to life via the Ross Unified Venue Solution was the 2019 OGN Clash Royale World Finals, which was hosted at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles California.

As a marquee event on the esports calendar, Ross Production Services deployed the Unified Solution for the World Finals, which included the synchronization of in-venue lighting and LED screens as well as the delivery of a multi-language broadcast. Additionally, the production featured the automation of real-time statistics, which was achieved through a combination of Ross XPression Datalinq and DashBoard systems. Finally, the production also incorporated multi-camera tracking for the insertion of live augmented reality graphics throughout the show.

What Else is New?

COVID-19 has significantly impacted live productions of esports events, with physical distancing requirements temporarily eliminating the use of traditional control rooms. As a result, the Ross Sports and Live Events Team worked with Ross Production Services to develop a solution that allows for low-latency remote access to production control rooms. Using a combination of WebRTC and RTMP streams as well as a custom web-based production portal, operators can now acquire, monitor and cut sources from anywhere in the world without ever having to leave their home offices.

Screenshot of a FIFA Esports EventLearn More

For more information, you can watch the 'Esports Arena Production' Ross Live | 2020 Tech Talk presentation on-demand or you can visit our esports page.


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