Ross Video Team Jul 14, 2020


Present Your Live Video Production Content Like Never Before

The Ross Live | 2020 Tech Talk series concluded earlier today with a final new product announcement from Douglas Johnson, Product Manager for Video Servers. Johnson introduced the brand-new Kiva Live Presentation Server from Ross. Bringing an impressive, professional digital media playout solution to the live sports and entertainment industry, Kiva is designed to take your live productions to the next level.


Visual and On-Demand

Kiva’s intuitive user interface features a familiar visual ‘shot-box’ style to allow you to easily ingest, organize and confidently present a wide variety of media on-demand. With a simple click, operators can present a range of digital media assets into venue videoboards with unparalleled flexibility and ease. These include real-time video clips, ‘fill+matte’ stills and animations, surround-sound audio, and sponsored adverts.

The highly visual interface will be sure to unlock new levels of creativity, as Kiva allows operators to rearrange active playlists on the fly. This means unwanted playlist items can be skipped or removed, or new media assets can be added, all without interrupting the item being presented live.


Robust and Reliable

Kiva is built upon dedicated, real-time Abekas® hardware media processing engines, ensuring your live productions will never suffer from video playout stutters, audio dropouts, user interface freezes, or unexpected hang-ups. Even if an operator were to accidently ‘quit’ the main user interface, your active recordings or live media playout will not be interrupted. Simply re-launch the Kiva application, and you’ll see and hear all live operations have continued as they were.

Finally, Kiva is available in a Single-Channel model or Dual-Channel model, so you can choose the option that best fits your production needs and budget. The Kiva Single-Channel model features one base-band Video + Audio recording input, one Preview Video + Key Player output, and one Program Video + Key Player output. The Kiva Dual-Channel model simply doubles these video channel resources.

Learn More

For more information on the Kiva Live Presentation Server, you can watch the Tech Talk presentation on-demand or visit the product page.


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