Ross Video Team Nov 11, 2020


Powering Politics: Solution Talk Recap

In this significant election year, the issue of public engagement in politics has never been more hotly debated. Whether at a local, regional or national level, political bodies and legislatures are turning to broadcast technology to help drive public engagement and increase transparency.

To discuss this topic, we recently hosted our Ross Live Season 2 Solution Talk webinar titled “Powering Politics”. The session was hosted by Jordan Carroll, Business Development Manager for Legislative, and it outlined how Ross Video’s legislative solutions can allow users in all levels of government to produce a quality broadcast with minimal staff.

In case you missed it, you can watch the entire session on-demand here.

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Ross Legislative Solutions

Ross Video’s end-to-end legislative solutions are a great fit for any government body or group that gathers and would like to broadcast their gatherings for their constituents to observe. In our current climate, it’s more important than ever for government bodies to keep their constituents informed.

We know that our legislative users have a strong need to be transparent with their constituents in order to develop and maintain trust, engagement, and membership. However, these organizations don’t always have the budget, staff and technical skillset to produce a quality broadcast.

At Ross, we work with our partners and clients to determine a solution that fits their needs, timeline and within their budget. Our solutions make training staff and getting on air quick and easy. Users can control cameras, graphics, and switching all from a responsive and intuitive user interface. This allows them to keep the production flexible and engaging by quickly changing camera angles, shots, and graphical content with no added complexity.

By choosing Ross, you’ll be in good company. Ross provides the technology that legislatures all over the world rely on.

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For more information on Ross Video’s legislative solutions, click here.

To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Powering Politics” Solution Talk, click here.


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