Ross Video Team Oct 29, 2020


Next Generation Education

The latest generation of media students is learning about a broadcast industry that’s in flux, fragmenting and increasingly competitive. With real-world content creators facing a diverse range of creative, business and technical challenges daily, how are higher education institutions ensuring that the broadcast professionals of tomorrow are equipped for success?

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We recently hosted our Ross Live Season 2 Application Talk titled “Next Generation Education” to provide an answer. Hosted by Matt Peschau, our Business Development Manager for Education, the webinar explored the different ways that Ross Education Solutions help educators prepare workforce-ready graduates by teaching industry-standard workflows. To explore these topics, Matt was joined by guests from a number of educational institutions.

To kick off the session, John Eidemiller from the University of Toledo joined Matt to discuss UT’s academic program, which specifically teaches sports production workflows. Next, Matt hosted a panel discussion with Randy Hildebrand from Hofstra University, David Goedhart from Chapman University, and Ken Erdey from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They discussed how educators have been adapting the ways that they deliver instruction in 2020, and the ways that the Ross Team has been adapting our services offerings to meet the production requirements and instructional needs of our educational customers.

The session also touched on the fact that the number of educators adopting automated production control (APC) workflows for production and instruction has doubled during 2020. Many of these projects have been long-planned, but some adoption has been accelerated by current circumstances. The University of Texas at Arlington and Incheon University in South Korea are two recent adoptees, and the session explored the ways that they’re incorporating APC workflows into their programs.

To close things out, we provided a brief teaser for future Ross Live 2021 sessions. In those, we plan to take a closer look at how Ross is working with CTE educators to help prepare the next generation of content producers.

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