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Interstellar: Powering Remote Productions – Webinar Recap

Ross recently hosted “Interstellar: Powering Remote Productions”, a webinar about the all-new Interstellar Production Portal. The session was hosted on June 29th by Amanda Holtstrom, Product Manager for Interstellar, along with Grant Brennae, Product Specialist. Ross Video CEO David Ross even made a special appearance for an interview! If you missed it, be sure to check out a recording of the webinar on-demand.

Powering Remote Productions

Remote production became the most important topic in broadcast and content delivery in 2020. With the global pandemic still raging and physical distancing protocols in place, production professionals have pivoted to adopt decentralized remote production models. Ross Video's Interstellar Production Portal solves the problem of incorporating remote contributors into your existing production workflows.

The webinar started off with a quick overview of Interstellar and an explanation of the problems that it solves. Next up came an interview with David Ross about the origins of Interstellar, and following that was a demo of the solution itself. To cap things off, the team did a deep dive into the hardware that makes Interstellar possible.

Platform Overview

Interstellar provides an intuitive user experience that allows remote contributors to send high-quality, low-latency video to existing production infrastructure. Interstellar integrates with your existing production switchers, routers and workflows through standard SDI connectivity. The portal is 100% browser-based and requires no installation for operators or remote talent.

Interstellar brings a number of benefits to your remote production workflows, including:

  • High-Quality Video and Audio – Interstellar delivers high-quality video and audio with ultra-low latency interactions between contributors by leveraging the WebRTC protocol.

  • Top-Notch Security – With optional LDAP integration and HTTPS encoded streaming, Interstellar protects your remote contributions and aligns with corporate security and privacy requirements.

  • Ability to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows – Remote contributor feeds appear in your switcher and other existing production infrastructure as regular SDI sources thanks to the Streaming Gateway. This means your staff can focus on the production rather than managing video formats.

  • Simple to Use – Remote contributors can easily log in to Interstellar and begin streaming, which allows them to focus on their message, not the technology.

Discover how Interstellar can help you take your remote productions to the next level today. Our team can provide expert guidance and the solutions necessary to make your project a success. Email us at for more information.

Learn More

To watch the “Interstellar: Powering Remote Productions” webinar on-demand, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about Interstellar, click here to visit our product page.


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