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Discover the Latest Trends in Sports Venue Production

With the recent openings of SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California and Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is clear to see just how far sports venue productions have come over the last 20 years. Today, game-day presentations consist of a myriad of displays throughout the venue, as well as interactive experiences designed to captivate fans from the moment they arrive. In addition to LED video displays, there are closed-circuit television systems delivering customized content to different areas of the facility, sophisticated sound and lighting systems, and even dynamic architectural features such as mechanical signage or fountain displays. With all of these creative elements at the disposal of event production staff, the demand for tools to tie it all together into one cohesive system has grown tremendously.

While the Sports & Live events world has experienced unprecedented times this year, the Ross team has continued to work with its customers throughout 2020 and we’re looking forward to the time when fans can safely return to venues around the globe. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at how sports venue production has evolved and dive into some of the latest sports venue trends that we’ve seen from our customers and partners in recent years.

The Way it Was

Historically, sports venue production systems had very little integration between the main production control room system and the display control system, often resulting in an uncoordinated presentation across the various LED displays in the venue. Alignment between the production control room and the display control system required manual coordination over intercoms or radios and ultimately relied on two groups of people pushing buttons at roughly the same time. To make matters even more difficult for operators and producers, it was common for the production control room and the display control room to be situated in different parts of the venue.

Unified Control Info-03-1The Solution

Today, the most modern and sophisticated sports venue production systems have blended the production control and display control systems so that the entire production is handled by the same technology. By consolidating these systems, new levels of coordination and fan engagement can be achieved. For example, through a consolidated or unified system, operators can more effectively capitalize on big moments within a game by triggering events across the entire video production system as well sound and lighting systems with a simple click of the button. For example, when a goal is scored, the videoboard and LED displays can instantaneously play out vibrant animations while the lighting system and celebration music is triggered at the same time. This level of integration can be delivered through the versatile and powerful Ross Unified Venue Control System.

Image showing a unified control room

The Ross Unified Venue Control Solution

The Ross Unified Venue Control system has allowed our customers and partners to take their game-day and live event productions to the next level while establishing more efficient workflows for operators. From massive LED video walls, field signage, and 360-degree fascia boards to concourse displays and lighting systems, our Unified Venue Control System ties these elements together to ensure a seamless and more immersive game-day experience for fans and spectators. Best of all, the system is completely customizable and can be tailored to specific operational needs through the award-winning DashBoard user interface.

To learn more about our solution, you can watch a recent Tech Talk webinar presentation from our Technical Solutions Manager, Andrew Sampson.

Success Stories

The power of the Ross Unified Venue Solution is quite remarkable, and we are thrilled to see how our customers and partners have deployed our solution to suit their needs.

The Nashville Predators, for example, have deployed our Unified Venue Solution within Bridgestone Arena. Widely considered to be one of the most exciting and energetic game-day experiences in all of sports, we are proud that the Nashville Predators have chosen Ross Video technology to help execute their vision. One of the most impressive aspects of their production solution is the creative use of the on-ice projection system, which is rendered using XPression Tessera.


The Atlanta Braves were the first team in Major League Baseball to adopt a Unified Venue Control system for the opening of Truist Park in 2017. Through the use of custom DashBoard control panels, the Braves can seamlessly drive a variety of displays and devices within their ballpark. This includes every LED video display through their XPression Tessera engines, four high-pressure water cannons, a giant mechanical sign, field and accent LED lighting systems, an LED tomahawk lighting fixture, and audio playback.

There are countless other examples of the Ross Unified Solution in action, and you can check out our library of Success Stories to keep up to date with some of the latest trends in sports venue production while drawing inspiration for your next project.

When It Comes to Sports Venue Production, One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

One of the best parts about the Ross Unified Venue Control system is that it can be scaled to fit your needs. The Ross Sports & Live Events team has worked with countless customers and partners to develop solutions to fit their venue requirements. From top-tier professional teams and leagues to amateur and collegiate level sports, we’ve developed custom solutions for venues of all different sizes, and you can now download examples of our End-to-End Solution Diagrams.

Ross Solution DiagramIt’s incredible to see just how far sports venue productions have come in a relatively short period of time. As we continue to move into a new era of UHD, HDR, and IP production and as we see LED displays increase in quantity, scale and resolution throughout venues around the globe, the growth and innovation of sports venue production will only continue to push the boundaries of today’s technology. With a wealth of experience in sports video production and countless projects under our belt, the Ross Sports & Live Events team is proud to be at the leading edge of this continued innovation and we can’t wait until fans can return to sports venues around the world.

To learn more about our Unified Venue Solution, contact our Sports & Live Events Team.


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