Ross Video Team Jul 21, 2020 1:24:06 PM


David Ross Speaks to 1310 News About New $20 Minimum Wage Policy

Ross Video CEO David Ross recently sat down with Ottawa’s 1310 News radio station to discuss the company’s decision to implement a company-wide $20 minimum wage. The decision was made to ensure that all Ross employees are paid a living wage. The living wage in Ottawa is around $18, and employees with families that make less than that amount face significant stress in their lives.

Ross stated that the new policy is designed to ensure that Ross employees don’t have to face that type of financial stress. The policy will impact 100 employees and their families in the Ottawa area, with many centered around the town of Iroquois, where Ross Video’s manufacturing facility is located. 

Our manufacturing staff have been essential in keeping the company going during the pandemic, and the senior management team decided that the time was right to say thank you with this new policy.

For more information on the new $20 minimum wage policy, you can read our press release.


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