Jeremy Bagwell Nov 18, 2020


Creating Impactful Experiences For Worship Production Volunteers with DashBoard

During our recent Ross Live Season 2 Worship Production Solution Talk, we discussed the power of DashBoard, our facility control and monitoring software. Our users around the globe are using DashBoard in ways we never imagined, and the best part is that it’s totally free! That’s right, DashBoard is free software that connects with all Ross Video devices and tons of third-party devices as well.

To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Compelling Content, Inspiring Worshippers” Solution Talk on-demand, click here.

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DashBoard is truly the secret sauce for overcoming challenges that are unique to our worship production market. Our goal is to empower a community of tinkerers and allow them to create custom DashBoard layouts and panels that are unique to their local operation. Whether it’s creating custom buttons that are firing custom controls, triggering route changes, or controlling house lights, anything is possible.

In my experience, there are three unique challenges facing our worship productions that DashBoard can help solve.

COVID and the Global Pandemic

Since March, our industry has been rocked by the pandemic. Every church had to become a video church overnight, and we rose to the challenge. Everyone figured it out, and now we continue to work to solve new challenges. One of these is the process of moving back to in-person services while still serving our newly acquired online audience. Prior to the pandemic, a lot of us didn’t serve the online audience. We were then forced to pivot and use existing systems to make online broadcasts happen. Now, we are faced with the need to serve the room and continue our online broadcast.

How do we make that happen with the systems and solutions we have now? What do we need to upgrade? How long will we need to broadcast: forever, or months? Those questions aren’t unique to you, but the answers may be. The good news is that if you have Ross Video solutions, you have a ton of flexibility.

Do you need to create a touch screen panel that can control your projector screens? DashBoard has you covered. Do you need a way to mix audio for the online broadcast independent? You can do that with a simple software update to your Carbonite Ultra and a free DashBoard mixer panel. Do you need to control multiple screens at once or several cameras at the same time? Yes, DashBoard panels can be built to do that. DashBoard is flexible, practical, and gives you more than you thought possible.

Volunteer Operation

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, producers are now being asked to execute high-level live productions with volunteers. Who does that? Well, all of us. I haven’t met a church yet who doesn’t utilize volunteers for their production gear operation. This might be your favorite and most challenging part of your role. Yes, it’s so much fun to see a volunteer “get it”. However, the process of getting there is a challenge.

It’s fun to think about all the different ways that DashBoard can become part of your volunteer experience. Rather than having three different control surfaces for audio, video, and lighting, what if you had a touchscreen with controls for all three systems? You can even customize the buttons, faders, and colors to make the best operator experience possible. That’s the power of DashBoard.

Budget Constraints

We all want to have the best technology and the best solutions. However, we know that it comes at a cost. Churches and religious organizations are different than other live event organizations – we have a budget because people like you and me give our hard-earned money. When we give our money to a cause, a church, or a non-profit, something changes in us. We have the responsibility to be the best stewards of the budget to which we have been entrusted. On top of that, churches have transformed from small gatherings hundreds of years ago in people’s homes to huge gatherings in large spaces that utilize technology for distribution and creativity.

I have always wondered if we are placing the right value on the technology required for our experiences. At some point, you have probably been in the position of making budget pitches or asking for money to buy production gear. It’s not easy – there are so many factors and so many reasons. The way I view it, when you buy into a solution like Ross Video, you are buying the power of flexibility. DashBoard is where you get that flexibility. Imagine giving your producer or engineer controls at their fingertips, or giving your stage manager the ability to control the confidence monitor source. Once you know DashBoard, the sky is the limit.

Learn More

How do I get started with DashBoard? Great question – check out DashBoard University, where we have posted a series of video tutorials to help you start tinkering. Just remember, DashBoard is free! All you need is some time and effort and before you know it you will be a master DashBoard tinkerer.

To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Compelling Content, Inspiring Worshippers” Solution Talk on-demand, click here.


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