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Compelling Corporate Communications: Solution Talk Recap

Virtual Set and Augmented Reality solutions have played an increasingly large role in Corporate Communications and Corporate Live Events due to their ability to quickly adapt to any message or format in a compelling way. Ross recently hosted a Ross Live Season 2 Solution Talk in which our team discussed the impacts and benefits these solutions can have for producers in the corporate space.

The session was hosted by Ross Video’s Brandon Rhoda, Applications Manager, Vertical Markets & Solutions, and he was joined by Chris Mollomo, Manager of Ross Video’s Virtual Design Group. The session also featured guests from Accenture Productions, who discussed the role that Ross Corporate Virtual Solutions have played in their corporate communications and live events.

To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Compelling Corporate Communications” Solution Talk on-demand, click here.

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Check out this infographic for more information on Ross Video’s end-to-end Corporate Virtual Solutions.Ross Corporate Virtual Solutions

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For more information on Ross Video’s corporate solutions, click here.

To watch the Ross Live Season 2 “Compelling Corporate Communications” Solution Talk, click here.


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