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Take Control of Your Event Space: Webinar Recap

Matt Marion, Senior Developer for Ross Video’s Rocket Surgery Creative Services Team, recently hoste...
Ross Video Team Apr 22, 2021

Ross Hosts 6-Part Video Series Focused on Cloud Production

Ross is very happy to be presenting an exciting video series focused on the world of cloud productio...
Ross Video Team Apr 9, 2021

Ross Voyager Powers CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Following the ground-breaking use of Extended Reality (XR) during its December 31st New Year’s Eve b...
Ross Video Team Apr 6, 2021

Living Live Podcast: The Past, Present and Future of Production Switchers

There are many moving pieces and cogs in a well-oiled production, but one of the most critical is th...
Ross Video Team Mar 8, 2021

Gwangju Esports Chooses Ross Production Workflow for New Arena

The esports industry may have its roots online, but its growth and increasing popularity have given ...
Ross Video Team Feb 27, 2021

Meet the Future – Tech Talk Recap

Earlier this week, our Production Switcher team hosted a Ross Live Tech Talk event where they introd...
Ross Video Team Feb 26, 2021

Ross Production Services Partners with EA for Virtual Pro Bowl, Madden Club Championship

For this year’s NFL Pro Bowl, the league teamed up with EA Sports to deliver a virtual event featuri...
Ross Video Team Feb 22, 2021

Living Live Podcast: Green Practices and Environmental Initiatives in Broadcast

Across the world, efforts to take better care of our shared environment and to undo some of the dama...
Ross Video Team Feb 22, 2021

Orchard Hill Church Upgrades Master Control Room with Carbonite Ultra, XPression, and Ultrix

Orchard Hill Church, located in the Pittsburgh, PA area, recently completed a $1.3M renovation of th...
Ross Video Team Feb 10, 2021

Living Live Podcast: The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Worship Production Industry

Worship is an act that congregants partake in together – but, in the age of COVID-19, that gathering...
Ross Video Team Feb 8, 2021