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5G & Media Acquisition: What happens now?

Following his participation in the 5G Media Action Group’s panel discussion on Media Production and ...
Ross Video Team Jan 17, 2022

Social Distancing with Smart Robotics

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, all live, in-person sporting events were cancel...
Ross Video Team Dec 9, 2021

Tech Talk Recap – PIERO + Voyager – Real-Time Sports Graphics for AR and VS

Ross Video’s PIERO Sports Graphics team recently hosted an online Tech Talk event in which they intr...
Ross Video Team Dec 2, 2021

How to best use projection technology to elevate the game-day experience

Professional sports teams are constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries of their game-d...
Ross Video Team Nov 29, 2021

Tech Talk Recap – X-Series and PTZ – Compact and Powerful Remote Camera Solutions

Ross Video’s Camera Motion Systems recently hosted an online Tech Talk event that went in-depth on t...
Ross Video Team Nov 25, 2021

Version 6.0 feature updates now available for Graphite

Version 6.0 of Graphite, our ultra-reliable, hardware-based all-in-one production system, adds a hos...
Ross Video Team Nov 23, 2021

Tech Talk Recap – XPression 10.5: Increasing Creativity, Efficiency and ROI

Ross Video’s XPression team recently hosted an online Tech Talk event focused on the latest update t...
Ross Video Team Nov 22, 2021

Adapting and Innovating to a New Reality in Live Productions

Ross Video is known for its live broadcast solutions, ranging from production switchers and robotic ...
Ross Video Team Nov 19, 2021

Living Live Podcast: What’s the Point of Metadata?

Chris Lennon admits that metadata isn’t the sexiest topic – but it’s one that can make a tremendous ...
Ross Video Team Aug 16, 2021

Interstellar: Powering Remote Productions – Webinar Recap

Ross recently hosted “Interstellar: Powering Remote Productions”, a webinar about the all-new Inters...
Ross Video Team Jul 7, 2021