Ross Video Team Jun 16, 2020 4:24:35 PM


AirCleaner-2: The World’s Most Popular Live Event Protection Delay Just Got Better

During today’s Ross Live | 2020 Tech Talk presentation, Douglas Johnson, Product Manager for Video Servers, announced the release of the completely re-engineered, next-generation live event protection delay system from Ross: AirCleaner-2.


What’s New?

As the world’s most popular profanity elimination delay system, AirCleaner-2 is built upon a brand-new 2RU hardware platform. Customers can also upgrade to a new AirCleaner control panel, which features the same operation as the original panel that the AirCleaner community has come to know and love.

Thanks to a substantial boost in processing power, the new AirCleaner supports a range of new video standards with HDR and WCG. For example, the platform now supports additional 1080p video standards including “True 60p” as well as UHD 2160p through an optional license. Later this year, a second optional license for SMPTE-2110 IP video I/O functionality will also be available for purchase. Both of these licensed upgrades are easily installed over the internet while working in the field.

How Does AirCleaner Work?

AirCleaner-2 is your digital insurance policy against airing all unwanted content from your live broadcasts and webcasts.

Ross AirCleaner Control Panel

Before going live to air, AirCleaner is programmed with the desired amount of delay time along with ‘reaction times’ for the easy-to-use two-button control panel. The panel allows operators to subtly conceal unwanted visual content with video defocus or a switch to an alternate 'safe view'. Audio can be concealed with jumbled audio or a switch to an alternate 'sound effect' such as a beep tone. By activating one or both concealment buttons simultaneously, operators have the flexibility to conceal audio and video independently or at the same time.

Learn More About AirCleaner-2

For more information, you can watch the 'Keeping it Clean' Ross Live | 2020 Tech Talk presentation on-demand by clicking here, or you can visit the AirCleaner product page.


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